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Grow profits. Grow sales. Grow client relationships.

ProGigs charges a simple monthly subscription rate of $100 per recruiter – with no commitments. Recruiters will benefit from the platform with:

  • Higher commissions
  • Increased pool of quality candidates
  • Auto-mated split-commissions managed by your back-office-provider.

Back office providers and recruiting networks will:

  • Earn more monthly revenue without any additional management. For example, a back-office-provider who serves 3,000 recruiters will earn an additional $1.4M a year, plus a % of job placements. Every month TempGigs writes you a check!
  • Better support your clients with increased job placements
  • Scale up quickly and easily with no risks
  • Integrates with agency CRM
  • White label and brand the platform as your own.

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