New ProGigs split-network platform increases recruiter commissions and candidate pool

HOUGHTON, MI – ProGigs, a TempGigs software company headquartered in Michigan, announced today its new groundbreaking application that allows professional recruiters to share candidates and commissions, on successful job placements, in a secure network.

If a recruiter lacks the perfect candidate, they can go to the larger network and find someone who fits the exact job description needed. ProGigs allows recruiters to:

  • Expand and share their pool of candidates
  • Increase revenues and commissions
  • Support clients with increased job placements
  • Provide value-add services to clients

The solution was organically designed for back-office split network providers but can be used by independent agencies and individual recruiters. The platform has been successfully beta-tested for the past 24-months. TempGigs does have future plans to expand the split-network services.

ProGigs will be rolling this week in Michigan and Wisconsin. By year-end, ProGigs will be placed in all states. Anyone interested in learning more about the platform should call Patrick Dunn at (906) 235-9290 or Steve Manske at (608) 513-0382.

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