Welcome to ProGigs!

You will start earning more and saving more while creating more value for your recruiters – right away

So, lets get started! Outlined below is our onboarding process. Once you agree that the ProGigs is the right solution, our team will guide you through the following 3 steps:

Onboarding Process

Step 1: Make it official!

You will receive three links from ProGigs

  1. Terms & Conditions
  2. An account and branding set-up form with directions to upload your logo
  3. A payment authorization

Step 2: System set-up

Here you don’t have to do anything. We will be working behind the scenes to set your system up. This will not take more than 5-7 business days.

Step 3: Training

Our team will walk yours through on how to use ProGigs. The system is so easy to use that you might choose to just wing it and call us when you need help.

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For Assistance

We are standing by if you need help getting ProGigs up and running.

Contact us by email at ???@pro-gigs.com