ProGigs welcomes Dubai Splits, a game-changing split network for recruiters

HOUGHTON, Mich.  (June 2, 2021) ProGigs, a web-based split recruiting platform, welcomes Dubai Splits — a subsidiary of LinkYou Inc. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada and led by CEO Adil Al-Serri, LinkYou Inc. has built a network of more than one million recruiter members over the past 13 years. The addition of the new split network will greatly increase the commissions and placements shared between recruiters with an expanded pool of candidates. Recruiters who join Dubai Splits will receive free access for the first 30 days while they enter their jobs and candidates into the platform and begin networking with other recruiters.

Recruiters across the entire network will increase their placements immediately as Dubai Splits recruiters post their job candidates and positions. Because LinkYou Inc. has over one million LinkedIn members already, the Dubai Split network is expected to populate quickly. If just 1% of the current followers sign up for Dubai Splits, that will add 20,000 recruiters to the split board. If each of those 20,000 recruiters posts just five job listings within the first 30 days, the network will quickly populate to more than 100,000 new job postings in a month. Recruiters will increase revenues in a trusted environment.

 “This is a very powerful split network for larger companies like LinkYou Inc., smaller agencies and independent recruiters,” says Patrick Dunn, CEO of ProGigs, the software’s creator. “Because recruiters gain instant access to a large network, they see revenues increase quickly. LinkedIn, which some recruiters use, is a great tool for networking, but Dubai Splits takes that to another level by allowing recruiters to control the split.”

Al-Serri is excited to provide this opportunity to help his LinkedIn group excel. “Dubai Splits is a gamechanger for motivated people looking to increase their connections and build their income.” Dunn adds, “LinkYou Inc. has a reputation for connecting people. We’re confident that he’ll do the same for ProGigs. He plans to institute split boards for markets all over the world. He’ll be a tremendous addition to our network.”

Recruiters interested in joining the network, can visit

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