Recruiting industry’s back-office and staffing network providers growing with
automated split-networks

Back-office providers (BOP) in the recruiting industry have to be very creative about growing their own business. Most often, the focus on growth is to increase the number of recruiters they serve. However, scaling this model is tricky and needs to be done carefully without jeopardizing the current quality of service. This is a hard line to walk so BOPs are continuously looking for automated solutions and new services for recruiters.

Following this year’s trend, BOPs are jumping on board with software solutions like ProGigs, a white label split-network, which allows recruiters within the same network of the BOP to share postings and candidates to increase commissions.

Recruiters are limited to the clients that are in their network, whether they are working independently or within a staffing agency. The BOP can very quickly expand their services to support their recruiters without having to spend capital or take big risks. In turn, they earn reoccurring monthly revenue and commissions. BOPs who serve 250 recruiters can increase annual earnings $120K in addition to a percentage of the commission. In the case of ProGigs, the BOP literally gets a check every month for 40% of the reoccurring revenue. This allowS BOPs to earn more revenue, provide more value to the recruiters and scale very easily.

The new COVID-19 economy has fueled new opportunities for BOPs, recruiters and entrepreneurs. BOPs can now offer a split-network. Recruiters can work from home safely and operate independently while entrepreneurs jump-start their new recruiting businesses.

BOPs like 6-Figure Recruiter and BOSS Recruiter have been very creative by offering a full-support model where they work closely with recruiters on everything from marketing to recruiter training. For someone newer to the industry, this type of support is critical.

The time for BOPs has never been better!

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