construction worker holding a hard hat

TempGigs has the potential to solve some of the staffing industry’s biggest challenges while boosting profits and elevating the quality of the talent being sourced.

TempGigs is an on-demand labor software application projected to change the industry forever by automating how agencies hire temporary workers. The TempGigs application addresses many of the challenges that on-demand and traditional staffing agencies face. Features like automated billing and payroll and notification job board allow staffing agencies to drastically reduce operating costs by eliminating live dispatching, billing, payroll and phone orders. Job providers enjoy round-the-clock access to post jobs on the go and the ability to rate and save favorite laborers.

The software benefits workers too. Under the existing model, people seeking work must travel to the agency’s offices during business hours and wait in line to fill out paper applications. TempGigs allows temporary workers to search for jobs from the comfort and safety of home, accept job offers directly through the app, and receive same-day pay. Both workers and employers benefit from a worker rating system that rewards dependability and quality of work.